His name is Ulysse. He is a 59 year-old man who just got fired, one year before retirement. Her name is Méditerranée. She is a 62 year-old former model, who now works in the cheese shop of her father. The years have had their impact on both of them, visible in the wrinkles in their faces and the rings under their eyes. But when they meet, none of that matters. They fall in love either way. Blossoms in Autumn is a hopeful story, an ode to age, love, and the little surprises in life. It is second graphic novel of Aimée de Jongh, written by the acclaimed Belgian comic writer Zidrou. The book was well received, reaching third print in three months time. The Guardian elected Blossoms in Autumn as their Graphic Novel of the month April 2019, and the book won awards in Belgium, the Netherlands and Japan.

Original title: L'Obsolescence Programmée De Nos Sentiments / 144 Pages / Full colour / 18+ / Rights and Licensing: Mediatoon

Follow this link to view 23 pages from the book (French).

French: L'Obsolescence Programmée de Nos Sentiments. 2018 by Dargaud
Bloesems in de Herfst. 2018 by Blloan / Standaard Uitgeverij
Das unabwendbare Altern der Gefühle. 2018 by Splitter Verlag
Blossoms in Autumn. 2019 by Selfmadehero
Czech: Nevyhnutelná opotřebovanost citů. 2019 by Argo
Spanish: La obsolescencia programada de nuestros sentimientos. 2019 by Oberon
Arabic: by Nool Books, date t.b.a.
For inquiries about rights and licensing: contact Mediatoon

- Rudolph Dirks Award 2019 (DE)
- 12th Japan International Manga Silver Award 2019 (JPN)
- Selection Prix BD 2019 FNAC & France Inter (FR)
- Stripschap Medal for Best Album of 2018 (NL)
- Prix Atomium 2018 (BE)

"Not only is it full of hope and tenderness. It also acknowledges, in the plainest way possible, something that many people find hard to believe, which is that desire doesn’t end when a person turns 50; in fact, in the right circumstances, it may begin to grow all the stronger."
- Rachel Cooke, The Guardian

"It is refreshing to see the sexuality of older adults depicted in such a naturalistic, positive fashion." - Robert Kirby, The Comic Journal

"A beautiful, warm, joyful story, deftly handled by a writer, an artist and a translator at the top of their game." - Joe Gordon, Down The Tubes

Blossoms in Autumn
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