Destination: Canada
More than a million Canadians have Dutch ancestors. Why and how did these ancestors leave their country? What were their expectations and what did they ultimately find?

Destination: Canada is a full-colour graphic journalism anthology about 10 Dutch immigrants who, at some point in their life, found their way to Canada. The stories were adapted to short comics by 10 acclaimed artists from the Netherlands: Erik de Graaf, Floor de Goede, Hanco Kolk, Emma Ringelding, Anne Stalinski, Paul Teng, Jordi Peters, Mei-Li Nieuwland and Erik Kriek and Aimee de Jongh. The book was commissioned to the art directors of the project, Aimee de Jongh and Erik de Graaf, by the Dutch Consulate in Canada. An extensive historical dossier was provided by John M. Van Immerseel. In 2022, the book was released simultaneously in Dutch, English and in a limited edition in French. The first copies were given to the Canadian Ambassador of the Netherlands.
Aimee de Jongh drew a 10-page story about immigrant George Zwaagstra. She also drew the cover image (seen on the left).

Title: Bestemming: Canada (NL) Destination: Canada (EN/FR) / 136 Pages / Full colour / 12+ / Commissioned by: The Dutch Consulate in Canada

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