Below is a selection of Aimée's animated films.
All the work was done in close collaboration with the
commissioning company, studio or crew of each
production. Videos are streamed from Vimeo.

Dutch harpist Lavinia Meijer, sound designer Arthur Antoine and
Aimée de Jongh worked together for the first time on Behind The
, a 70-minute long theatrical experience where animation
and live music were combined. Behind The Telescopes tells the story
of Lyra, a young girl that dreams of becoming an astronaut. In the
show, Lavinia played music from Philip Glass, Olafur Arnalds and
John Mayer, and others. Aimée directed and created the complete
animated film for the show. Arthur performed the sound
design for the film live. The production took approximately
1 year to make. A selection of scenes can be found below.

Dutch singer Wende commissioned this music video for her haunting
song Last Resistance, about growth and change. Aimée worked
together with assistant animator Jessy Suharyanto to create the dark
story of a girl who is becoming someone new.

Aimée directed Aurora right after she graduated in 2012. The film
is about a mystical woman who has lost her way in the Dutch forest.
Aimée also created most of the backgrounds, animation and character
designs. The movie was part of the program Ultrakort, which funds short
animated movies under 2:00 minutes long. The movie was made in
collaboration with animation studio Mooves.

One Past Two is Aimée's graduation film for the Willem de Kooning
Academy (2011). The film tells the story of two students who meet
at a busstop, unaware of where this bus will actually take them... The
movie screened at international festivals and won the Maaskant Award.

During her early animation career, Aimée created many animations for
different companies and studios: from inbetweens on the animated feature
Trippel Trappel to infographics, to 2D animated effects on Hisko Hulsing's
In the 2014 Showreel, a selection of her early work can be seen.