A selection of various illustration work can be found below.
Clients include:


Concept art for upcoming graphic novel "Days of Sand"

Illustrations for articles on the Dutch investigative
journalism website De Correspondent.

Concept art for an upcoming game.

Illustration for the Rotterdam Arts Calendar.

Cover design for the program guide of Small Press Expo.

Hommage to Valérian for the Ballon Media Calendar.

Cartoon for the Flemish KITS newspaper.


Two illustrations for the children's book Een Rat Met Kerst, written by Greetje Vagevuur.

A selection of illustrations for various children's book series and school books.



Illustrations for the mathematic book series Reken Maar!
The books are used in many primary schools today.


Illustrations for the book Durf Te Schrijven (2019), written by the acclaimed Dutch author Carry Slee. In the book, Carry Slee explains how, when and why she writes.