1937, Oklahoma, the United States.
John is a young photographer, who is sent to the Dust Bowl: a region where devastating dust storms blow. His mission is to capture the people living there on film. But as time goes by, John discovers that he needs to face something bigger than blazing storms of sand, if he wants to complete his assignment.
With 288 pages, Jours de Sable is Aimée de Jongh's biggest project to date. The subject of man-made climate change easily connects the past with the present, and perhaps the Dust Bowl story is more relevant today than ever before.

Original title: Jours de Sable / 288 Pages / Hardcover / Full Colour / 12+ / Rights and Licensing: Mediatoon

French: Jours de Sable. May 21 2021, by Dargaud Benelux
Dagen van Zand. May 21 2021, by Scratch Books
English, digital edition:
Days of Sand, in 2 parts. July 21 2021, on Europe Comics.
English, album edition: Days of Sand. Coming Spring 2022.

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Jours de Sable has been nominated for:
Sélection Prix Ouest-France / Quai des Bulles 2021
Sélection Prix des Libraires 2022

Jours de Sable is based on true events. In 1937, the federal FSA agency hired photographers to document the lives of farmers across the United States. The Dust Bowl was an oval-shaped region in the Mid-South, that was struck by severe droughts and heavily blowing dust storms. These storms carried so much sand and dust, that they could block all sunlight, turning the days into nights. A total of 2.5 million inhabitants decided to leave the area, mostly toward California, in search of a better life. They became climate refugees - 90 years ago.

The book may seem to be historical fiction, but it might as well be futuristic fiction. In 2021, the world is facing the dramatic consequences of climate change. Perhaps, while looking at photos from the Dust Bowl, we are in fact looking at our own future.

(Above: Photos from the FSA, in Dust Bowl areas. Source: Library of Congress)

To research the story of Jours de Sable, Aimée made a study trip to Oklahoma and California. She received a travel fund from the Dutch Foundation For Literature to make this trip possible. In 10 days, she drove from Oklahoma, through the old Dust Bowl area, to California. On the way, she stopped at museums and archives, to interview experts of the Dust Bowl and FSA history.

A detailed travelogue of this trip is available in English on her blog. Click on the image below to read it!