Kito the rabbit and Boris the bear are the best of friends. They share the forest they live in with many other animals: owls, foxes, birds and hedgehogs. The adventures of Kito and Boris are funny, sweet and joyful. Kito & Boris is the perfect comic series for young readers or readers who are starting to learn the Dutch language. All texts were closely checked by editors, to make sure they could be easily read and understood. A clear and simple font was chosen for the same purpose. The comics were collected in three volumes. Each volume is available in two editions: The AVI2 edition, which never has more than two syllables per balloon, and the AVI5 edition, which has longer words.
Original title: Kito & Boris / Language: Dutch / 3 volumes of 16 pages / Full colour / For young readers, AVI2 + AVI5. Rights and Licensing: De Eenhoorn

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2013 by De Eenhoorn (Dutch)
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Kito & Boris volume 1, 2 and 3 are for sale at every comic book shop or regular bookshop in the Netherlands and Belgium. The books can be ordered online at: