In the exhibition Slavery (2021), the Rijksmuseum focuses on the lives of the enslaved people in the Kingdom of the Netherlands, their masters, and everybody who profited of them. For the first time, the museum opens up this painful chapter in Dutch history, in order to let the unheard voices speak.

For an additional online exhibition, Aimee created six animations based on the 10 true stories that are presented in the exhibition. They are released on a weekly basis, through the months of April, May and June 2021.

To view the six complete films, visit Rijksmuseum: Slavery.

In 2019, Aimee worked with Perspekt Studios on several animations that are on permanent display at the Nationaal Monument Kamp Vught, a former concentration camp from the Second World War. The camp is now a museum, based in the south of the Netherlands. The exhibitions explain what happened in the camp, and they tell the story of the people who lived there.

The animations George & Ursula tell the story of the Jewish children George and Ursula, a brother and sister from Germany, who fled through the Netherlands in fear.They ended up in the concentration camp in Vught, where they had to make some very tough choices - choices between life and death.

In these interactive animations, the viewer is able to make the same choices as they did. The main question of the films is: What would you have done?