Slimme Pim (Clever Clive)
is a 10-year old boy with one big talent: he is really, really smart. Through homemade scientific inventions, chemistry and machinery he tries to make a better life. For himself, his classmates and his parents. But there is one problem: the inventions he creates are not very successful. Luckily, his friend Max is there to help when things go wrong. Slimme Pim appeared in the bi-weekly newspaper Kits, which is read in many Belgian primary schools. The comic started there in 2007, when Aimee was 18 years old, and ended in 2021. Two anthologies with the comics and puzzles, riddles and games have been published in Dutch by De Eenhoorn.

Original title: Slimme Pim / Language: Dutch / 2 volumes of 112 pages / Black and white / For children between 8-12.
Rights and Licensing: De Eenhoorn

Slimme Pim 1: Nerd Alert! and Slimme Pim 2: De Lucht In! are for sale at every Dutch and Belgian comic shop or bookshop. For the Netherlands and Belgium, the books can be ordered online at:

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