Scenario: Ingrid Chabbert
Art: Aimée de Jongh

Written by scenarist Ingrid Chabbert (Écumes), Soixante Printemps En Hiver follows Josy, a woman whose relationship is far past its due date. Her house is slowly suffocating her and her grandchildren are only causing her frustration. So, on her 60th birthday, she makes the decision: she leaves. An old VW bus gives her the chance to drive away, far from her home, in search of a new life. And when she meets Christine at a meetup for single women, she falls in love like never before. But not everybody is as supporting of her decisions as Josy had hoped.

This book is published in the Collection Aire Libre.

Original title: Soixante Printemps En Hiver / Scenario: Ingrid Chabbert / 120 Pages / Hardcover / Full Colour / 12+ / Rights and Licensing: Editions Dupuis

French: Soixante Printemps En Hiver, 20/05/2022 by Editions Dupuis
Zestig Lentes, 22/06/2022 by Editions Dupuis

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