In pre-production, storyboards are the blueprint of any
animated film, film or TV-series. It's the first time a script
is transformed to visual content. Aimée has created many
different types of storyboards for studios that hired her,
as well as for her own films. If necessary, she also sets her
storyboards in motion, creating timed animatics (moving
storyboards) that work with an early version of the audio.
Whether it's storyboards for television, video on demand,
live-action or animation, Aimée is able to create that
first step from script to image.

Because many studios do not allow showing the
storyboards publicly, only a small selection of work
can be seen below. More storyboard work can be
sent upon request. See contact section for details.

Clients include:


In recent years, thousands of refugees have made the dangerous
trip from their home country to Europe, in search of a better life.
Among the refugees are many unaccompanied minors: teenagers
under 18, who are travelling alone, without their parents. In the
expansive web-documentary and videogame Shadow Game, creator
Eefje Blankevoort
follows a group of teenagers trying to get from
border to border, while they are also becoming adults. She works
together with documentary film makers, photographers, animators,
game developers and producers. For the game and webdoc, which
both feature animations, Aimée created several storyboards to find
the right look and feel. The game and film are still in development.

The theatrical production Save The Earth is an ode to Dutch astronaut
Wubbo Ockels and his legacy. Wubbo Ockels was worried about the planet
and wanted people to wake up, and take care of the earth and each other.
Aimée created animated storyboards that tell the story of a young girl from
Syria, who fled her country to escape the violence. In the animation, the girl
tells about her journey from the coast of Turkey to the refugee camps in
Greece, and her trip to the Netherlands. The production premiered in 2018.
The animation was screened during a live musical performance.
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A young farmer boy and his Maroccan classmate don't get along
very well. But when they spend a few days working on a chicken farm,
they learn about each other's culture, and become close friends. The
25-minute movie, directed by Jan-Dirk Bouw, features animation,
live-action and documentary footage from actual Dutch chicken farms.
Unfortunately the production was put on hold after the first development
stages. Produced by Submarine, in coproduction with AVRO-TROS.