Art & scenario: Aimee de Jongh

TAXI! is Aimee's first autobio graphic novel, based on taxi rides she had in four cities: Los Angeles, Paris, Jakarta, and Washington, DC. As the drivers slowly open up about their personal lives, she does too, even when it means challenging her own ideas and prejudices. Through these vulnerable and often humorous moments, she finds common ground with the people driving her. TAXI! is a book about our similarities in times of polarisation, and a book about taxi drivers in times of Uber. An ode to taxi drivers everywhere.

Follow this link to a PDF with 10 pages from the book (English).

Original title: TAXI! Verhalen vanaf de achterbank
English title: TAXI! Stories from the back seat
Details: 96 Pages / Hardcover / Black and White / 12+
Languages: Dutch, English, French, Arabic, Portuguese
Rights and Licensing: Scratch Books

"I love it. The way it flows. The lush and fluid brushwork. The fullness of all the characters. The humanity. Bravo."
- Craig Thompson

"This beautifully woven series of vignettes from the brilliant Aimee De Jongh are a necessary and poignant reminder of our common humanity."
- Joe Sacco

"TAXI! perfectly embodies comics' unique power, as parallel narratives echo each other to craft an expansive, empathetic view of humanity. De Jongh is worthy of much wider acclaim as a quiet master of light and shadow, subtlety and environment. Highly recommended."
- Nate Powell

TAXI! was the only graphic novel featured on 20 Books, a list by the MEP Library Group, containing 20 book recommendations to the Members of the European Parliament.

Taxi is for sale at every comic book shop or regular bookshop, or online via Amazon.