The Trees in Ter Apel Have Names
In august 2022, Aimee visited asylum seekers stranded outside the AZC Ter Apel, a Dutch asylum center. Many Dutch asylum centers closed down during Covid, because the inflow was declining. Then, in 2022, the Netherlands faced a crisis as the inflow increased rapidly. The result: men, women and children sleeping outside in an improvised camp, waiting for a spot to open up. When volunteers bought plastic tents for the asylum seekers to sleep in, the police took the tents away - they were not allowed to camp there. After visiting the center, Aimee created this comic for the Dutch newspaper NRC. Read the complete comic below, or follow this link to the original article:

Original title: De bomen in Ter Apel hebben namen (The Trees in Ter Apel Have Names) / Languages: Dutch
8 Pages / Full colour / 12+ / Commissioned by: NRC

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During the day spent at the site, Aimee made many sketches of the environment and the people. Portraits were a great way of connecting to the people, and a way of giving something in return for their generosity.