A story of two families
After the invasion in Ukraine in February 2022, many Ukrainians fled to the Netherlands for safety. There, a number of kind-hearted families opened up their own houses for them. Within these houses, a high-speed process of integration and understanding took place as two families merged together. Aimee visited the house where Astrid, Paul, Elena, Andrei, Timur and Nazar live together. The project was commissioned by NRC and created with the kind help of The Red Cross and RefugeeHomeNL. Read the full comic below, or follow this link to the original article: https://www.nrc.nl/nieuws/2023/12/22/een-verhaal-van-twee-gezinnen-a4184905

Original title: Een verhaal van twee gezinnen (A story of two families) / Languages: Dutch
1 Page / Full colour / 12+ / Commissioned by: NRC

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