photo: Bob Bruyn

Aimee de Jongh (1988) is an Eisner-nominated comic author and animator from the Netherlands. She received her BA degree in Animation at the Willem de Kooning Academy Rotterdam. She studied at KASK Ghent and the Gobelins Summer School Paris.

Graphic novels
At the age of 22, Aimee's career in comics took off with the popular daily comic series Snippers for the Dutch newspaper Metro. At 25, she then published her first graphic novel The Return of the Honey Buzzard, which won the Prix Saint-Michel and was adapted to a live-action film. Her international breakthrough came when Blossoms in Autumn was released, written by Belgian comic author Zidrou. In 2019, Aimee published TAXI!, about four intriguing taxi rides she had. Aimee's most well known graphic novel is the award winning Days of Sand (Jours de Sable), about the American Dust Bowl. The Eisner-nominated book was a bestseller in both the Netherlands and France. In 2022 she worked with scenarist Ingrid Chabbert on the Eisner-nominated comic book Soixante Printemps En Hiver, released by Dupuis.

Aimee made her first graphic journalism work after visiting the refugee camps on Lesbos in 2017. The trip resulted in the drawn report Europe's Waiting Room and has become the inspiration for several new projects. The focus of Aimee's work has changed to more mature subjects and non-fiction ever since.

Through the years, Aimee has worked in the animation industry in many different roles. She directed the short film Aurora, created storyboards for Amazon Prime's Undone, and animated a series of 12 music videos for De Wereld Draait Door. Her biggest animation project was Behind the Telescopes, a 71-minute long theatrical film, made together with harpist Lavinia Meijer and Arthur Antoine. In 2021, Aimee created 6 animated short films for the Rijksmuseum's exhibition Slavery.

Aimee is the winner of the Stripschapprijs 2022, the Dutch lifetime achievement award for comics. Her graphic novels have also received various international awards, including in France, Germany, the United States and Japan. She received the medal of honour of the city Sainte-Livrade-Sur-Lot, France.

Aimee taught at various international academies like MICA Baltimore (US), Willem de Kooning Academy (NL), Sint Joost Academie (NL), and Merz Akademie (DE).

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